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Portfolio Solutions

Currency Management

When it comes to managing currency exposures, it’s all about balancing risk as you attempt to generate returns. Whether your investment objective is portfolio hedging, share class hedging or a combination of the two, our currency management services seek to provide a comprehensive and effective solution.

To help you minimize risk, reduce costs and increase efficiency, we take direction from you to implement the hedging strategy and execute foreign exchange transactions in response to portfolio and share class valuation changes, investor subscriptions and redemptions, and FX trade settlements.

A solution built around you

With more than 20 years’ experience providing currency management services to some of the world’s largest fund managers, we understand the challenges our clients face and we’ve developed an end-to-end solution to help meet them.

We’ll then customize that strategy to meet your specific objectives and help make sure you get the best outcome from your hedging program:

  • Before implementation, we’ll work with you to determine and document in a currency management agreement with State Street the optimal parameters for your hedging program — using detailed insight from our analytics team
  • You’ll benefit from our automated processing and close collaboration with data agents — both of which may significantly reduce potential for operational risk and miscommunication
  • You can expand your program at any time with our scalable systems — which are also designed to manage the most complex of processes
  • From beginning to end, you’ll have total transparency and can take advantage of our suite of operational reports to meet your own monitoring and reporting requirements — for hedge details, time-stamped execution and performance analyses

Our global team of specialists will also be on hand to support you throughout the program. They will be there to walk you through the hedging strategy that will be applied, answer questions and make sure our solution continues to meet your needs.